How much do you know about Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan is considered the greatest NBA player of all time. He’s also the richest former professional athlete in the world with a net worth of $1.6 billion. Since he retired in 2003, he has built a lucrative career and uses his wealth for philanthropic purposes.

Why is it important to know Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan is widely considered to be the greatest basketball player in the history of the game. He was known for his all-around great basketball ability including scoring, passing, and defense. He won 6 NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls and won the NBA Finals MVP each time.

What is Michael Jordan’s new hobby?

Jordan, being the savvy businessman he is, has now decided to join in on the fun. He’s making his passion for gambling his new occupation by joining DraftKings as an investor and special adviser to the sports betting and fantasy sports giant.

What made MJ so good?

He wanted to be in the best possible shape he could. He lifted weights, ate right and made sure he was in the best physical condition he could be in. His skill. … So for five hours, five days a week he worked on his skill during the offseason.

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