How many NBA records does Michael Jordan have?

Jordan’s individual accolades and accomplishments include six NBA Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards, ten scoring titles (both all-time records), five MVP Awards, ten All-NBA First Team designations, nine All-Defensive First Team honors (joint record), fourteen NBA All-Star Game selections, three All-Star Game …

How many records does Michael Jordan hold?

Also, an all-time record is Michael’s career regular season scoring average of 30.12 points per game. He also holds the all-time playoff points per game record with 33.5! Michael Jordan produced an amazing all-time regular season record 563 games where he scored over 30 points.

Who holds most NBA records?

Chamberlain holds 72 NBA records, 68 by himself.

Who has more records LeBron or MJ?

A current star has complicated that GOAT (greatest of all time) conversation, of course.

Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James: Regular season stats.

Jordan Totals LeBron
1,072 Games 1,310
32,292 Points 35,367
6,672 Rebounds 9,751
5,633 Assists 9,696

Who’s better LeBron or Jordan?

LeBron James’ numbers show that he is, in fact, a better overall player. However, Jordan has scored more overall and has a better finals record. LeBron’s stats show that he is more efficient than Jordan. Jordan has a better free throw percentage, and that improves his points per game average.

What is Kobe’s career high?

The standout performance came on Jan. 22 when Bryant torched the Raptors for 81 points, the second-highest individual total of all time behind only Chamberlain’s 100-point explosion.

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