How many games did UConn women’s basketball win in a row?

UConn won 59–44, to set a new NCAA women’s basketball winning streak record at 71 games.

How many games have UConn women’s win in a row?

The Huskies women’s basketball team holds the record for the longest home winning streak in DI women’s basketball history at 99 games. UConn also has the longest active streak at 94 games.

What is the UConn women’s basketball record?

The UConn Huskies women’s basketball team finished the 2020-21 season at 28-2.

Who has the longest winning streak in college?

The longest win streak in the NCAA record books is the University of Miami’s 137-game streak in men’s tennis from 1957 to 1964.

What is the longest winning streak in sports?

The honour of the longest winning streak in sporting history, purely in terms of time, belongs to the New York Yacht Club, who won the America’s Cup 25 times over a 132-year period. The inaugural race, staged off the Isle of Wight in 1851, saw the American challenger beat the Royal Yacht Squadron, representing the UK.

What school has won the most NCAA women’s basketball championships?

The Stanford Cardinal brought home the women’s basketball championship in 2021, the first for them in nearly 30 years.

2 (tied) — Southern California (1984, 1983)

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CHAMPION (RECORD) Connecticut (37-1)
COACH Geno Auriemma
SCORE 73-68
RUNNER-UP Tennessee
SITE Atlanta, Ga.

What is the longest streak?

The United States Running Streak Association (USRSA) keeps an official list, and Jon Sutherland holds the record for running the longest: 16,447 days.

What team has the longest winning streak in NFL history?

Patriots have their 17th straight season with 10+ wins, passing the 1983-98 49ers for the longest streak in NFL history.

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