How long is Kobe Bryant’s dear basketball?

How many lines is Dear Basketball?

‘Dear Basketball’ by Kobe Bryant is a nine-stanza poem that is separated into uneven sets of lines. These range in length from one single line up to seven. No rhyme scheme unifies this poem, nor is there a metrical pattern.

Did Kobe animate Dear Basketball?

Bryant’s animated short film “Dear Basketball” is based on the poem he wrote in 2015 when he announced his retirement from the NBA. The film was directed by Glen Keane, who created the hand-drawn animations.

What was Kobe’s message in Dear Basketball?

Dear Basketball at its core is a love letter to the sport. Kobe states, “A love so deep I gave you my all – from my mind and body to my spirit and soul. You asked for my hustle, I gave you my heart.

How can I watch Kobe Bryant Dear Basketball?

NBA legend Kobe Bryant’s Academy Award-winning short film, Dear Basketball, has been made available to stream. Bryant’s production company Granity Studios has put the film on the website and on Vimeo for people to watch for free following Bryant’s tragic death in a helicopter accident on Sunday.

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Is Kobe the only athlete to win an Oscar?

In 2018, late Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant made history by becoming the first professional athlete to win an Academy Award with his production, “Dear Basketball,” which took home Best Animated Short Film.

Which NBA team drafted Kobe Bryant?

What is a metaphor in Dear Basketball?

Bryant doesn’t clearly spell out his obsession though, he builds to it by using classic metaphors like [his dad’s] “tube socks,” “the tunnel,” and “sweat and hurt.” Through use of these devices Kobe builds up the great love affair of his life and allows us, the reader, to experience this highs and lows of said romance.

How many awards has Kobe Bryant won?

He won 1 MVP award, 2 Finals MVP awards and 5 NBA championships.

Where can I buy Dear Basketball by Kobe Bryant?

You can buy a digital streaming version Dear Basketball as part of the 2018 Oscar Nominated Shorts for $7.99 on Amazon Prime. The short is based on a poem Bryant published in The Players’ Tribune in November of 2015 that doubled as an announcement that he was playing his final NBA season.

How can I watch Dear Basketball?

You can stream Kobe Bryant’s Oscar-winning film Dear Basketball for free on Vimeo. In fact, that is the sole location to stream the short animated film, produced and narrated by Kobe Bryant.

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