How high do you need to jump to windmill dunk?

How much higher do you have to jump to windmill?

As you know, to dunk you have to be able to reach a few inches above the basket and palm the ball sufficiently to get it down. You are tall at 5′11″ for age 14.

How hard is it to do a windmill dunk?

Holding onto a full-sized basketball while learning to do a windmill dunk can be difficult. In order to build your familiarity with the move, you can try dunking a smaller ball (such as a tennis ball or mini basketball) until you feel confident jumping and rotating your arm.

How high do you have to jump to dunk at 5 11?

Height: 5′ 8″ – 5′ 11″ Difficulty: 8/10. Once you start getting closer to 6 foot tall dunking starts to become a little easier to achieve. At this height you will need to jump around 23 inches to touch the rim and 29 inches to dunk a full sized basketball.

Can a 5 4 person dunk?

According to this calculator, a 5′ 4″ guy with average arm length needs to jump 41″ in order to dunk.

Can I dunk if I’m 6 feet?

If you are close to being 6-foot tall, dunking becomes a lot easier. You’ll need to jump roughly 24 inches to touch the rim and 30 inches to dunk a full sized basketball (assuming average arm length). … In this height range, very few people will be able to dunk without training their jump.

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What is a 360 dunk?

That’s right, so when he plants his feet, he makes sure he plants it right, left, gathering, solid on the ground, jumping up in the air, turning, bringing his momentum around in a circle while jumping in the air and slam dunking the ball.

What is my vertical?

Calculate Your Jump – Subtract your reach from the height you jumped. This number is your vertical leap from a standing approach.

Can a 5’6 person dunk?

Greatest game ever invented! Originally Answered: Can a 5 foot 6 person dunk? Let’s say you’re five foot six, with a 7’2 standing reach and weigh 135 pounds you would need a 34 inch vertical to touch the rim and a 40 inch vertical to dunk, so you would have to be hyper-athletic.

Can a 5 foot 11 person dunk?

At the same time, an average-sized guy–say, 5-11–won’t have a chance without at least a little athletic ability. Dunking isn’t for everybody, but many men at least have a chance at pulling it off. Even so, it depends on a lot of variables for those on the fringe. Many guys have excess weight that keep them grounded.

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