How high can Dwight Howard dunk?

Dwight Howard stands at an intimidating 6’11”. Standing flat footed, he can reach up to 9’2”. An easy 10” hop brings him to the rim. Another couple inches brings him above the hands of most defenders.

Can Dwight Howard touch the top of the backboard?

Apparently he can. His vertical reach (how high his hand gets on the backboard) gets up to 12 feet 6 inches. This is a leap of 39 inches.

Can a 5’6 person dunk?

Greatest game ever invented! Originally Answered: Can a 5 foot 6 person dunk? Let’s say you’re five foot six, with a 7’2 standing reach and weigh 135 pounds you would need a 34 inch vertical to touch the rim and a 40 inch vertical to dunk, so you would have to be hyper-athletic.

Can a 5 4 person dunk?

According to this calculator, a 5′ 4″ guy with average arm length needs to jump 41″ in order to dunk.

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