How do you unlock everything in NBA Street Volume 2?

To unlock the St. Lunatics team and all of the other Street Legends, you must first go to enter cheat codes in the identities section. Then type in the code Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle. If typed in correctly, you will hear a sound.

How do you unlock legends in NBA Street?

Beat the Rucker Park ’78 Street Challenge in Be a Legend mode. Beat the Mosswood Street Challenge in Be a Legend mode. Spend 500 Reward Points to unlock him.

How do you win tip off in NBA Street 2 Gamecube?

Simply press Circle and only circle when the ball reaches it’s highest point of the toss. Pressing any other buttons will cause you to trigger a function making you not able to win the tip so do not press any other buttons. Also pressing Circle more than one time (MASH) will cause the same effect.

How do you dunk in NBA Street Volume 2?

hold two Turbo Buttons and press the A Button to pass. then press the A Button to throw a pass to yourself. Trick Button to perform this. the hoop unimpeded (use B Button to start Dunk).

What is NBA Street code?

NBA Street Codes

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Effect Code
ABA Ball basketball, basketball, turntable, shoe
ABA Socks shoe, shoe, shoe, shoe
Athletic Joe ”The Show” turntable, turntable, turntable, shoe
Authentic Unforms basketball,shoe, turntable, turntable

How do you shoot on NBA Street?

In order to dunk, move toward the basket while pressing turbo then press the shoot button. Depending on what combination of buttons you are holding, and your guy’s skill in throwing down the rock, you will perform one of many high-flying maneuvers.

How do you serve dinners on the NBA Street?

NBA Street PS2 GC

DINNER’S SERVED:Hold L button + R button + Z button + press B button.

How do you use gamebreaker in NBA Street?

re: How to perform gamebreaker? Just press any 2 turbos on the controller and either dunk it or shoot it.

How do you earn reward points in NBA Street 2?

To get lots of reward points, first go to pick up game then select legendary. Next pick any tean then go to my rules and spot your team 20 points so you win with one point. You will get 150 reward points everytime you win. Do it lots of times and get everything in the rewards.

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