How do you speed up NBA 2K14?

How do you make NBA 2K14 faster?

An object at rest tends to stay at rest. An object in motion tends to stay in motion. Therefore, if your NBA 2k14 game is quite slow, it might just be at rest, and in result, all you need is to apply an outside force, and it should begin to move faster.

How do you fix NBA 2K14 lag?

How to Reduce Lag in NBA2K14 PC in 3 Easy Ways | 2020 |

  1. By editing the . config file in AppData – Roaming – 2ksports Fix No.
  2. By configuring your graphics processor – NVIDIA Control Panel Fix No.
  3. Using Smart Game Booster or any other similar programs.

How do you skip on NBA 2K14?

Once the second scene starts you can skip them all by pressing x/a or start/options.

How do you run NBA 2K21 on PC smoothly?

NBA 2K21 Best Graphics Settings for FPS Boost / Performance Guide / Reduce Lag

  1. Display Resolution – Native (Monitor Resolution)
  2. Window Mode – Fullscren.
  3. Anti Aliasing Level – 2.
  4. Anti Aliasing Quality – 0.
  5. Refresh Rate – Native (Monitor Refresh Rate)
  6. Vertical Sync – Off.
  7. Dynamic Vertical Sync – Off.

How do you edit Tunedata in NBA 2K14?

NBA 2K14 | Edit tunedata. iff ( VIDEO )

  1. Install or extract HoS anywhere you like ..
  2. Extract DocumentsHex on SteroidsProfiles.
  3. Open HoS . …
  4. click on file – open – your tunedata.if.
  5. edit your tunedata.iff (don’t forget to backup your files)
  6. save – overwrite.
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