How do you get the secret ball in dunk shot 7?

How do you get the flash ball in dunk shot?

Unlock All Secret Balls for Dunk Shot

Secret Ball 2 (Bounce Streak) – To get this one, land five shots in a row that are bounced off of the wall and into the basket. Secret Ball 3 (Flash) – Switch rapidly from daylight to night mode and back.

How do you get a high score in dunk shot?

Just pull the ball back and aim in the direction you want to send the ball flying. The more you pull back, the more power the shot will have. You may need to do a few test shots, so you can get a feel for how far you need to yank the ball in order to achieve the power level you want.

How do you win a dunk hit?

Dunk Hit guide — how to score high and get perfect shots

  1. Try not to hit the backboard. To get perfects, you need to make a shot without hitting the backboard. Practice getting clean shots. …
  2. Practice switching between long and short taps.
  3. You can shoot backwards if need be.
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