How do you get blue and black wings on flappy dunk?

The joint-most successful franchise in NBA history, the LA Lakers have made a whopping 32 Finals appearances. They have won 17 NBA titles and have dominated in multiple eras over the years.

How do you always get swishes in flappy dunk?

To do a Swish you’ll need to line up your ball perfectly with the hoop, and allow it to pass through without touching the ring around the hoop. This can be quite difficult in some instances—like those where the hoop is sideways—but once you get the hang of earning those Swishes, you’ll be racking up points in no time.

How do you get the yellow hoop on a flappy dunk?

Green Hoop: Achieve 25 swishes with the watermelon ball in one endless mode game. Yellow Hoop: Watch five video ads.

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