How do you do the 3 point contest in NBA 2k20 PS4?

What do you get for winning the 3 point contest 2k20?

Do you get anything for winning 3pt contest 2k20? While the Dunk Contest is the most lucrative prize of the weekend, the Three-Point Contest winners take home a cool $50,000. For those making $20 million to $40 million a year, this may be akin to pocket change.

Has anyone ever had a perfect 3-Point Contest?

Curry set a 3-Point Contest record with 31 points in the opening round and matched up against Utah Jazz guard Mike Conley Jr. and Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum in the final round. Curry edged Conley by a single point, 28-27, by converting the final money ball of the contest.

What are locker codes 2k20?

Latest NBA 2k20 Locker Codes List (2021)

  • PLAYERS-CLUB-LEONARD-36TBP- Galaxy Opal or Amethyst Meyers Leonard.
  • PLAYERS-CLUB-ROBY-NMFV6- Galaxy Opal or Amethyst Isaiah Roby.
  • PLAYERS-CLUB-FALL-XP3AN-Galaxy Opal or Amethyst Tacko Fall.
  • PLAYERS-CLUB-WRIGHT-FOREMAN-KJE- Diamond or Amethyst Justin Wright-Foreman.

Do you get a trophy for winning the dunk contest 2k20?

Do you get anything for winning dunk contest 2k20? All of the events come with a prize. Each All-Star on the winning team gets the same amount of money, $100,000. The Three-Point champion and the Dunk Contest champion, however, are each awarded $200,000.

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