How did Kobe Bryant break his leg?

How did Kobe Bryant fracture his knee?

Bryant twisted, ran into the defender and then fell. It’s unclear if the plateau contacted the floor or whether it was the twisting stress that may have overtaxed the bone. Either way, the result is a small confined break.

What bone did Kobe Bryant break?

Kobe Bryant fractured a bone in his right hand during the early part of his third season in the NBA and missed fifteen games. Doctors taped his ring finger to his pinkie to treat the injury. Even though the bone healed, for the rest of the season Kobe didn’t shoot as well as he had prior to the injury.

How did Kobe get injured?

The pilot flying Kobe Bryant and seven others to a youth basketball tournament did not have alcohol or drugs in his system, and all nine sustained immediately fatal injuries when their helicopter slammed into a hillside outside Los Angeles in January, according to autopsies released Friday.

Did Kobe Bryant have jumpers knee?

Kobe had suffered a lateral tibial plateau fracture in his left knee, an injury that even the Lakers star couldn’t fight through. “With a fracture, it takes time. … A fracture, if you don’t take care of it, it could potentially get worse. So we’re not going to take that chance with anyone, especially someone like him.

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When did Kobe Bryant break his leg?

March 30, 2013: Lakers at Kings

He nearly does, playing all but 23 seconds in a come-from-behind, 103-98 win over the Kings, despite a sprained left ankle and bone spurs in his left foot that had become so inflamed that Bryant needed a crutch to exit the arena in Milwaukee two nights earlier.

How old was Kobe when he broke his finger?

“[It] will be interesting to see how this responds [Saturday], but it’s not fractured or anything.” The 37-year-old Bryant, whose previous three seasons were cut short by injury, dislocated the finger with a little more than two minutes left in the fourth quarter after chasing a rebound on a missed 3-point jumper.

Did Michael Jordan have patellar tendonitis?

Jordan has been bothered by tendinitis in his right knee since he began workouts in preparation for his second comeback. He has had fluid drained from the knee at least three times this season and banged it in a knee-to-knee collision with his teammate Etan Thomas two and a half weeks ago.

How many knee surgeries did Kobe Bryant have?

Bryant, who turns 33 next month, has been bothered in recent seasons by an arthritic joint in his right knee. He has undergone three other knee procedures since 2003, including surgery last July to remove unspecified loose bodies.

How do NBA players deal with tendonitis?

And most players with patella tendonitis—probably 95 percent—can get better with just the usual treatments of anti-inflammatories or physical therapy. Most guys will have jumpers knee at some point during their career.”

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