Has IU hired a new basketball coach?

BREAKING: Indiana Stays Home, Hires Mike Woodson As New Basketball Coach. Indiana athletic director Scott Dolson has chosen Mike Woodson to lead the basketball program, keeping the hire – his first as boss, and his most important – inside the IU family. An official announcement is expected on Monday.

Who is the new IU coach?

What team is Mike Woodson coaching?

Did Woodson quit IU?

BREAKING NEWS: Mike Woodson Changes His Mind, Quits as Indiana Coach (AF) “There’s like 40 people on the conference call at my first press conference, so I asked my assistant to go out and pick up all the newspapers around the state so I could read them all.

How many IU players are in the NBA?

The Indiana Hoosiers men’s basketball team, representing the Indiana University, has had 77 players drafted into the National Basketball Association (NBA) since the league began holding drafts in 1947.

Where did Archie Miller coach before IU?

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