Frequent question: Why is it important to flick your wrist in basketball?

Shooting with your fingertips gives you greater control over the ball and ensures the ball rotates with backspin during your “follow-through”. … When you flick your wrist the last part of your hand to touch the ball should be your pointer/middle fingers.

Should your wrist be relaxed when shooting a basketball?

Hand Position

Your shooting hand should be under the basketball and bent at the wrist. Keep your shooting hand relaxed, forming a cup, and allow the basketball to come off the pads of your fingers, not from the palms of your hand.

What does it mean to flick your wrist?

When you say “flick of the wrist,” it means you do something very easily or skillfully.

Do you flick your wrist when you throw a football?

Pronate your arm as you throw. … The wrist isn’t deliberately snapped; the flick of your wrist is more of a byproduct of the arm’s rotation through the entire motion. This pronation of the arm generates the spiral as the ball is launched from the fingertips.

Why does my wrist hurt after shooting basketball?

Sprains typically occur when the ligament is overstretched resulting in micro tears. These tears cause inflammation, pain, and limit range of motion. Common sprains in basketball include thumb sprains and wrist sprains. Sprains may occur due to overuse or an acute injury.

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What is it called when your team has possession of the ball?

Once the offensive team gets the ball over the mid-court line, it can no longer have possession of the ball in the area in back of the line. If it does, the defense is awarded the ball. The ball is moved down the court toward the basket by passing or dribbling. The team with the ball is called the offense.

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