Frequent question: What teams were in the NBA in 1967?

The NBA added two more franchises to the mix for the 1967-68 season as the Seattle SuperSonics and San Diego Rockets joined the West. (San Diego would become the Houston Rockets before the 1971-72 season.) Detroit shifted to the Eastern Conference and the NBA, now a 12-team league, played its first 82-game schedule.

Who won 1967 NBA championship?

Who was 1967 NBA Finals MVP?

The 1967 NBA World Championship Series was the championship series of the 1966-67 National Basketball Association season, and was the conclusion of the 1967 NBA Playoffs.

1967 NBA Finals.

Team Coach Wins Philadelphia 76ers Alex Hannum 4 San Francisco Warriors Bill Sharman 2
Dates: April 14 – April 24
Television: ABC

Who was the 1959 NBA MVP?

Who won the NBA in 1969?

Who won the NBA in 1966?

Who won the NBA Finals 1966?

How many teams were there when the NBA started?

On August 3, 1949, six surviving teams from the National League joined the BAA. The resulting 17-team league is renamed the National Basketball Association (the NBA).

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