Frequent question: What position gets injured the most in basketball?

The frequency of injury was highest among the shooting guards (47.8%), followed by the centers (34.8%) and point guards (17.4%).

What are the 3 most common injuries in basketball?


  • Ankle Sprains.
  • Jammed Fingers.
  • Knee Injuries.
  • Deep Thigh Bruising.
  • Facial Cuts.
  • Foot Fractures.

What causes the most injuries in basketball?

As with most sports, sprains, strains, and general trauma account for almost all of the injuries commonly suffered, but that doesn’t give you much detail. Let’s take a closer look at what types of injuries basketball players commonly experience and how you might be able to avoid them.

What is the most common injury in basketball and why?

Ankle sprains: From high school to the professionals, ankle sprains are the most common injury for basketball players. It is an injury of ligaments that stabilize the ankle joint, most often the ones on the outside (lateral aspect).

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What is the most common injury to keep a basketball player sidelined?

Unfortunately, it’s easy to get sidelined by an injury. Foot and ankle injuries are common to basketball players, and proper treatment is needed to get back on the court.

What sport has the most injuries?

Believe it or not, basketball actually has more injuries than any other sport, followed by football, soccer and baseball. Common sports injuries include hamstring strains, groin pulls, shin splints, ACL tears and concussions.

How do you stay injured in basketball for free?

Preventing and Treating Basketball Injuries

  1. Wear gym shoes that fit snugly, are non-skid and have high tops.
  2. Use a mouth guard, ankle braces and safety glasses.
  3. Warm up and stretch before each session.
  4. Use proper technique and follow the rules.
  5. Do not wear jewelry.
  6. Play on a clean, dry, safe surface.

How does basketball damage your body?

They can range from simple joint pain to more serious injuries like fractured and torn ligaments. Serious injuries like ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) tears and knee fractures have been known to keep players out of the game for a year or more. Treatment for knee pain depends on the severity of the injury.

What are the risks of basketball?

Basketball injuries

Injuries to the lower body, mostly ankle sprains. Injuries to the hand, fingers, head, face and teeth. Knee injuries – females are at higher risk of knee injury than males. Overuse injuries – are most common in higher level players due to the duration and intensity of play.

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What injury takes the longest to heal?

Average Healing Times for Common Injuries

  • Nerves typically take the longest, healing after 3-4 months.
  • Cartilage takes about 12 weeks to heal.
  • Ligaments take about 10-12 weeks to heal.
  • Bones take about 6-8 weeks to heal on average.

What are the worst injuries in basketball?

The Top 5 Basketball Injuries That Ended Players’ Careers

  • Knee injuries. From torn anterior cruciate ligaments to fractured kneecaps, knee problems are rife among National Basketball Association (NBA) players, who had their careers cut short. …
  • Foot injuries. …
  • Back injuries. …
  • Ankle injuries. …
  • Leg injuries.

What are the chances of getting hurt in basketball?

Twenty-two percent of all male basketball players sustained at least one time-loss injury each year. Approximately 42% of the injuries were to the ankle/foot, far outnumbering other injured body categories such as hip/thigh (11%) and knee (9%). Sprains were the most common type of injury (43%).

Why are sprained ankles so common in basketball?

Basketball Often Causes Ankle Sprains

When landing incorrectly, the foot can turn under the leg and stretching the outside ligaments so that they tear or rupture. In mild sprains, the ligaments have been only slightly stretched or torn. There is some swelling and pain but you are able to walk on the foot.

Why are ankle injuries so common in basketball?

Basketball players put a lot of stress on their feet, which can often lead to injuries. One of the most commonly injured areas in the foot is the plantar fascia, a long, thin ligament that runs along the bottom of the foot, connecting the heel to the front of the foot.

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What activities at home are prone to injuries?

10 Most Common Accidents in the Home and How to Treat Them

  • 1) Falling objects. When children start to move around on their own, there is an increased danger of them pulling objects down on top of themselves. …
  • 2) Trips and Falls. …
  • 3) Bruises. …
  • 4) Sprains. …
  • 5) Cuts. …
  • 6) Burns. …
  • 7) Choking. …
  • 8) Poisoning.
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