Frequent question: Is NBA Live 18 or 19 better?

Is 2K19 better than NBA Live?

5 A.I. Multiplayer is a popular mode for players of both NBA 2K and NBA Live. However, grinding out players and items to use in multiplayer mode and the campaign mode will have you playing alone. … Both games have made huge strides in this area, but NBA 2K is hands down the better of the two.

Are NBA Live 18 servers still up?

EA Sports has been shutting down the servers for older NBA Live games over the past twelve months, as the number of gamers still playing them has continued to dwindle. … This is far longer than usual, and it remains to be seen if NBA Live 18 and NBA Live 19 will receive similar service.

Does NBA Live 19 have my career?

In NBA Live 19’s The One career mode, you create your own player (male or female) who will eventually become a street ball legend. … Conceptually, it’s similar to what was in last year’s NBA Live 18; however, you’ll be going worldwide in a new story and new game modes.

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Is NBA Live 19 free?

NBA Live 19 All-Star Edition Available Now For $6, Content is Free For Current NBA Live 19 Owners. Just in time for the upcoming NBA All-Star game and events, EA has released their NBA Live 19: All-Star Edition for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $6.

What is the best build in NBA Live 19?

NBA Live 19: Best Archetypes

Archetype Plays Like Traits and Skills
Wing Shooter Kevin Durant Knocking down shots, getting open
Wing Scorer DeMar DeRozan Pace, size, scoring
Wing Defender Kawhi Leonard Defending, strength, footwork
Playmaker LeBron James Size, vision, finishing at the rim, passing

Can you play NBA Live 19 offline?

NBA Live 19 Review: A Good Experience Online But Faltering Offline – Operation Sports.

Is NBA Live mobile free?

To an extent that can now be assessed with the first-ever mobile edition of NBA Live, which is out on Canadian stores and will be expanding to the U.S. and other regions in the near future. The game is free-to-play but of course supported by the purchase of in-game currency.

Will there be an NBA Live 2021?

NBA Live 22 Release Date

NBA Live 22 has no official release date, but with no cancellation announcement just yet, we still expect the game will enter development and release on schedule with previous releases (NBA Live 18, 19). With this in mind, we expect NBA Live 22 will launch around late August of 2021.

Is NBA Live 22 Cancelled?

ea has not put out a statement of the state of nba live 22 since nba live 20 and 21 was cancelled there’s no news only speculation and rumors floating around in YouTube about nba live 22. … why not update nba live 19 roster to its 2021 nba rosters since the other previous games was cancelled?

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Which is better NBA Live or 2K Mobile?

Live is more friendly to p2p players but still has that pay-advantage. It has a much smoother ladder where each event you can improve your team by getting enough collectibles for a better player, so you kind of choose how you want to advance.

Can you create a team in NBA Live 19?

Even though not all NBA Live games feature a Create-a-Team function, it is still possible to add extra teams through DBF editing.

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