Frequent question: Is France good at basketball?

Basketball is the fifth most popular sport in France and was first played there in 1893. For females, it is the number one team sport.

Does France have a NBA?

The France men’s national basketball team (French: Équipe de France de basketball) represents France in international basketball and is administered by the French Federation of Basketball. France is currently ranked seventh in the FIBA World Rankings.

What sport did the French invent?

Zut alors, WG Grace, the colossus of British cricket would be dropping his bat in shock at a story that’s hit the news in France and making its way around the world – the French invented cricket.

Who is the most famous person in France?

The Greatest Frenchman

Rank Personality
1 Charles De Gaulle
2 Louis Pasteur
3 Abbé Pierre
4 Marie Curie

What is France’s favorite food?

Le bœuf bourguignon

Also called beef Burgundy, this is one of the most classic French dishes, and usually ranks as France’s favourite food.

Which NBA players are playing for France?

France has a deep squad filled with current and former NBA players, including Fournier, Batum, three-time Kia Defensive Player of the Year Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz, and Brooklyn Nets guard Timothe Luwawu-Cabbarot. Rudy Gobert has been a major difference-maker for France thus far in the Olympics.

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Where is Gobert?

Playing basketball