Frequent question: How many dunks are in a game?

04×164 = 6.56 dunks per game. To reach ten dunks a game the percent of dunks for every FGA would need to be about 6.1% league wide.

How many dunks were made in a single game?

23 Dunks in 1 NBA Game – G…

How many dunks does LeBron average a game?

However, James’ high-flying performance Thursday night seemed to laugh at that concern. This season, James has already dunked 106 times in 58 games, which averages out to 1.8 dunks per game. Over an 82-game schedule, James is on pace for 149 dunks.

Who holds the record for most dunks in the NBA?

NBA Most Career Slam Dunks

Dunks Height Player
2910 6’11” Dwight Howard
2626 7’1″ Shaquille O’Neal
2237 6’11” DeAndre Jordan
1948 6’8″ LeBron James

Can you dunk on a free throw?

In 1956, in response to reports that Wilt Chamberlain was able to dunk free throws, the NCAA established a rule requiring that free throw shooters keep both feet behind the free throw line during an attempt. The NBA later adopted this rule.

How many dunks does MJ have?

Interestingly, because dunks were not officially tracked until after Jordan’s career with the Chicago Bulls, MJ’s Basketball-Reference page shows him having a measly 41 career dunks — all of which were as a member of the Washington Wizards (2001-03), and none of which were particularly memorable.

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Who has the most dunks in the NBA in 2021?

Without further ado, let’s get started.

  • #8 Ivica Zubac – 95. …
  • #7 Zion Williamson – 98. …
  • #6 Montrezl Harrell – 101. …
  • #5 Bam Adebayo – 101. …
  • #4 DeAndre Jordan – 115. …
  • #3 Clint Capela – 125. …
  • #2 Giannis Antetokounmpo – 133. Giannis Antetokounmpo (#34) of the Milwaukee Bucks. …
  • #1 Rudy Gobert – 175. Rudy Gobert (#27) of the Utah Jazz.

How many times Steph Curry dunked?

Over his 11-year career, he’s only had 29 dunks (26 of them in the regular season). Stephen Curry can dunk, and not just regular dunks, either.

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