Frequent question: How do you bring down the house in NBA Ballers ps2?

To BRING DOWN THE HOUSE, dash your opponent by performing juke moves(repeatedly press square) to get out of your ooponent’s way. Then press and HOLD R1and R2 while running towards the basket. and RIGHT AFTER YOU PASS THE FREE THROW LINE, IMMEADIATELY PRESS TRIANGLE. Then you will break the backboard and game over!

How do you bring down the house on NBA Ballers?

To bring down the house you have to have your house meter full and your juice full. Then you run to the goal and press L,R and Y your baller should do a Alley-Oop then the goal will fall down.

How do you shoot in NBA Ballers?

To do this, press the right Juice button and the Act a Fool button. You’ll pass the ball off his face, and give yourself some space and time to shoot.

How do you stunt dunk in NBA Ballers Phenom?

Stunt Dunks

From the top of the key, with an opponent in front of you, hold R1 + R1 and press square to perform a stunt dunk.

How do you do Shut Em Down moves?

Move your player inside the Shut ‘Em Down circle. Press and hold the right and left trigger buttons simultaneously. Press the B button and your player will perform a Super Dunk.

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