Frequent question: Does Kobe Bryant have a lifetime contract with Nike?

Shortly after Kobe Bryant retired in 2016, he cemented a five-year deal with Nike that would extend the Mamba’s shoe line well into his retirement. … At the time, the five-year deal felt like the first in a series of formalities that would keep Kobe a member of the Nike family for perpetuity.

Why did Vanessa Bryant not renew Nike contract?

According to ESPN, Bryant’s widow, Vanessa Bryant, has opted not to renew the deal, which expired last week. Bryant and his estate were frustrated that Nike was limiting availability of its Kobe products, both after his 2016 retirement, and in the wake of his death, sources told ESPN.

Will Nike renew Kobe contract?

Report: Nike Won’t Renew Contract With Kobe Bryant Estate

Nike will not renew its endorsement contract with Kobe Bryant’s estate following its expiration on April 13, according to Complex’s Brendan Dunne.

What was Kobe’s contract with Nike?

After retiring in 2016, Bryant reportedly re-signed with Nike for a five-year extension. His wife, Vanessa Bryant, said the contract expired on April 13 and said she hopes all fans will be able to wear Kobe’s shoes.

Is Vanessa suing the helicopter company?

Vanessa Bryant agrees to settle lawsuit with helicopter pilot and owners. Vanessa Bryant and others have agreed to settle a lawsuit against the helicopter company involved in the deadly 2020 crash that killed NBA legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven others, according to a notice in federal court.

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Where is Kobe Bryant buried?

Why did Nike and Kobe part ways?

It has been reported for months that Bryant and the estate grew frustrated with Nike because of the limited availability of Kobe’s sneakers during his retirement and following his death in a January 2020 helicopter crash.

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