Does México have a basketball team?

The Mexico national basketball team (Spanish: Selección de baloncesto de México) represents Mexico in men’s international basketball competitions, The team has made five appearances in FIBA World Cup, The governing body of the team is the Asociación Deportiva Mexicana de Básquetbol (ADEMEBA).

Does Chile have a basketball team?

The Chile national basketball team is controlled by the Federación de Básquetbol de Chile. It is affiliated to FIBA, under the zone confederation of FIBA Americas. In the 1950s, Chile had one of the finest national basketball teams in the world.

What does Turkey mean in basketball?

Origins of the Turkey

Modern bowlers of any skill level have a reasonable shot of scoring a turkey—three strikes in a row—in a game.

What is a fastbreak in basketball?

: a quick offensive drive toward a goal (as in basketball) in an attempt to score before the opponent’s defense is set up.

Does Ecuador have a basketball team?

Ecuador national basketball team is the national men’s basketball team from Ecuador who played in the 1950 FIBA World Championship where they came eighth. …

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