Do basketball players shave their armpits?

Many basketball players shave their armpits and legs for hygienic reasons. Like many other sports, basketball has players that sweat too much while playing. Body hair can trap the sweat and the bacteria in it, causing smelly body odor and other issues.

Do NBA players wear deodorant?


Depending on whom you ask, hygiene is among the most important rules in an NBA locker room. Some players enter the league with the belief showering and deodorant are optional.

Is it good to be skinny for basketball?

Having a lean body mass may promote better performance for basketball players. … Consequently, most professional basketball players need only to stay skinny and fit during official seasons. Some athletes may want to use their free time binging in buffets or partying until dawn.

Do NBA players skip leg day?

They forget the leg day because they are much more focused on improving their upper bodies. Leg day is essential, especially for basketball players, … Also, sometimes basketball players usually have huge legs. But because their upper body is much bigger than their legs, it looks like they have skinny legs.

Why do NBA players shave their head?

As a perk of human evolution,whenever body heats up it tends to cool off by producing sweat. For better or worse, hair acts as a sweater which keeps the body heat inside and prevent the production of sweat. So a players to cool off his body he shaves his head and body hair as well.

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Does deodorant work better with shaved armpits?

Technically, the answer is no — shaving your armpits doesn’t directly make you sweat less. … Your sweat glands just so happen to be located under your pits. However, eliminating or keeping armpit hair short can make your antiperspirant more effective, thereby reducing underarm sweat and the appearance of sweat stains.

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