Can you still play basketball with Achilles injury?

Conclusion. Most elite basketball players are able to return to play after an Achilles rupture, they are expected to miss 10 months (one season) for rehabilitation and often resume their post-injury peak level at the 2nd season back (3 years after the injury).

Can you play basketball with Achilles injury?

Are you experiencing painful symptoms in your heel or lower calf, centered around your Achilles tendon? For basketball players, Achilles tendonitis is a common issue that can severely compromise your athletic activity.

Can a basketball player recover from an Achilles injury?

Provencher said that according to his company’s data and peer-reviewed articles, athletes typically experience a 20 to 40 percent decrease in productivity in their first season back after an Achilles tear and, overall, athletes return to 80 to 85 percent of their preinjury level.

Can you play on a torn Achilles?

Can You Still Walk with a Torn Achilles Tendon? You can still walk if you have a torn (ruptured) Achilles tendon, but you may be unable to bend your injured foot downward and “push off” this foot.

Can you play sport with Achilles tendonitis?

It’s usually OK to do non-weight bearing exercises such as swimming, biking, and stretching activities like yoga. If someone with Achilles tendonitis does not rest, the tendon can become more damaged. Your health care provider also may recommend: stretching the Achilles for 30 seconds at a time 3–4 times a day.

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What’s worse a torn ACL or Achilles?

A minor injury can heal with rest and ice, but more severe ACL tears require surgery. Rupturing your tender Achilles tendon means more than pain—it means agony. This injury will happen suddenly and the intense pain is surprising.

Can an athlete recover from a torn Achilles?

The length of time to allow full activity after Achilles tendon repair is generally thought to be four to six months. The 11 months needed to return to play as a professional football player seems considerably longer. However, there is a major difference between allowing full activity and returning to play in the NFL.

What sport has the most Achilles tears?

Correspondingly, sports such as basketball, track and field, and volleyball place high stresses on the Achilles tendon with jumping and landing, and are likely the highest risk for tendon injury.

Is an Achilles injury career ending?

In June of 2019 Kevin Durant confirmed on social media that he had suffered and underwent surgical correction for a Right ruptured achilles tendon.

Are Achilles tears career ending?

Achilles tendon rupture can be a career-ending injury for professional basketball players. They are expected to miss 10 months for rehabilitation and reach their post-injury peak performance level at the 2nd season back.

How do you know if you injured your Achilles?

What are the symptoms of an Achilles tendon injury?

  1. Pain down the back of your leg or near your heel.
  2. Pain that gets worse when you’re active.
  3. A stiff, sore Achilles tendon when you first get up.
  4. Pain in the tendon the day after exercising.
  5. Swelling with pain that gets worse as you’re active during the day.
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