Can I play basketball after gym?

Is it OK to play basketball after workout?

Playing basketball after lifting weights can actually help your ball game. Practicing your shooting skills after you lift will train your mind and body to shoot the ball when fatigued. Kobe Bryant said that he did this before. He lifts heavy weights and practices his shooting after lifting.

Is it bad to play basketball after working out legs?

Most definitely no, but it’s a lot of fun cardio which should make one leaner by reducing body fat. if you want to do both in the same day, i suggest playing basketball first and doing the lifting after.

Can I play basketball and workout?

Basketball or soccer games with friends can take the place of cardio, but they shouldn’t be your only form of exercise. As long as you’re breaking a sweat and getting a good workout during your pick-up games, they can absolutely take the place of designated gym sessions a few days per week.

Does cardio burn muscle or fat first?

Depending on the particular activity you’re performing, it can take your body up to an hour to deplete your glycogen stores. Once the glycogen is out of the way, your body begins to burn fat, then eventually muscle when there is no more fat to burn.

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Should I lift weights before basketball?

Should I workout with weights before or after playing basketball? If the overall goal is to improve your fundamentals of basketball then you should strength train after playing. If the overall goal is to improve strength then you should work out before playing basketball if you plan on playing with maximum effort.

Is it bad to play basketball everyday?

You can lose anywhere from 400 to 800 calories an hour easily playing full-court basketball. If your goal is to lose 10lbs and you love playing basketball every day you should have no problem doing so in 4 to 6 weeks easily. Not to mention the many health benefits it has on your body.

Is lifting weights bad for basketball?

Strength training helps the basketball player. … However, if you are doing very heavy lifting, not working on your jump shot and you are not doing the things that you need to do to use proper technique, then yes, weight training can definitely mess with your shot.

Does basketball Count leg day?

Yes. But only if you are playing a lot of basketball will it deplete your muscles, especially if you are not working out with weights. Basketball involves a lot of running, but if you are working out and eating enough in your diet to compensate for the calories lost while playing you should be okay.

Can you lift weights and play basketball the same day?

Yes they lift weights. Most of their “bulking up” takes place in the off-season where they do not need to be resting their bodies as much due to regular games, but they are still lifting weights during this time. There is no way for the NBA players to get the bodies and the strength they do without lifting and weights.

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Is pickup basketball good exercise?

Working your way up to an advanced level of pickup basketball skills helps you gain a competitive edge to keep the other team on their toes. Pickup basketball is a great substitute for basic cardio workouts at the gym as well, so if you improve your skills, you can stay in shape and challenge yourself.

Is it good to lift weights during basketball season?

During the in-season you should perform 2-3 strength training sessions/week. Experts recommend that you strength train 2-3 days per week with a minimum of 48 hours rest between sessions for similar muscle groups. … You should avoid over training because it can predispose you to injury.

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