Best answer: Who were Kobe Bryant’s coaches?

In the wee hours of a summer night in 2010, Kobe Bryant sat with his personal trainer and mental coach, Tim Grover, at a restaurant in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Lakers had lost to the Boston Celtics 92-86 in Game 5 of the playoffs a few hours before.

Who was Kobe first coach?

Coming into the league, his first coach was Del Harris. Kobe was just 17 years old when he got drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers in 1996.

Who was Kobe’s coach when he retired?

Williston native Phil Jackson coached Kobe Bryant for much of his career with the Los Angeles Lakers.

What did Kobe fail in?

In basketball, Bryant’s failures are well known. He feuded with Shaq. He failed in the 2004 NBA finals, and again in the 2008 NBA finals. He failed his fans and all who admired him when he used a homophobic slur towards a referee.

How many years did Kobe sit on the bench?

But at that time, rookies really had to be obvious All-Star players to get minutes right away, unlike today where rookies are more often thrown into the fire right away. Everything worked out for Bryant, but being a bench player for two seasons knowing full well what he was capable of could definitely sting.

Did Kobe Bryant moonwalk?

Kobe does the moonwalk and dances during a free throw

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The fact that he danced before the final two free throws of his career give this dance an added edge.

Did Kobe Bryant have a mentor?

Michael Jackson was probably the biggest mentor I’ve ever had,” Bryant says. “That phone call in Gold’s Gym literally changed my life.” The man Kobe dubbed the “greatest influence of my life” is gone.

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