Best answer: Is Akron basketball a d1?

Akron attained NCAA Division I status in 1980 and began play in the Ohio Valley Conference that fall. In 1983, the Zips moved into their current arena, the James A. Rhodes Arena, just to the east of old Memorial Hall.

What division is Akron basketball?

What division is Akron?

Who is the head football coach at Akron?

Why is Akron mascot a kangaroo?

Zippy is a kangaroo, and was chosen by a committee in 1953. The school’s nickname, “Zips”, is a shortening of “Zippers”, a pair of rubber overshoes and a brand name of the BF Goodrich Company of Akron. It was originally adopted by the school in 1925 after a contest to give the school a nickname.

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