Best answer: How much does it cost to be a NBA virtual fan?

How Much Does Is Cost to be a Virtual Fan at NBA Bubble Games? It does not cost anything to be a virtual NBA fan, but you will need to sign up for a free Microsoft Teams account. The NBA is also advising fans to download the Microsoft Teams desktop application.

Do you have to pay to be a virtual fan NBA?

If you’re a fan, you can sign up for free through your favorite team to be featured on the screens. Though it’s worth noting that the league has a conduct policy that means unruly “virtual fans”—no different than the real ones who attend games in person—can be ejected for inappropriate conduct.

How do you become a NBA virtual fan?

Rules for Being NBA Virtual Fan

  1. Download Microsoft Teams.
  2. Log-In to Microsoft Teams.
  3. Find the Meeting Invitation.
  4. Optimize the Settings.
  5. Join the Meeting.
  6. Optimize Your Viewing Experience.

Are NBA virtual fans live?

NBA Virtual Fans Playoff Registration Form

By signing up, you’ll occupy a courtside “seat” atop a 17-foot tall video board inside The Bubble, joining an exclusive group of fans who can follow the game and cheer on the players in real-time via a live video/audio feed.

How much is an NBA game ticket?

NBA Ticket Prices

Fans searching for NBA tickets will find an average ticket price of $94 per seat, according to SeatGeek data. Rivalry games and special events exceed this average. The best deals on tickets can often be found in early-season games or weeknight games with lighter crowds.

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Will the Lakers allow fans?

The Lakers will be the first major Southern California sports franchise to reap the benefits of the change, welcoming back fans for the 7 p.m. tipoff. … Since Staples Center is requiring fans to show proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID test, the arena will be permitted to admit a larger number of fans.

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