Best answer: Has any father and son played in the NBA?

Although Mychal was the No. 1 overall pick in the 1978 NBA Draft and enjoyed a fine career, winning NBA titles in 1987 and 1988 with the Lakers, his son Klay has managed to surpass his father’s achievements as a pro in every way.

What father and son played in the NBA?


Father Son(s) Notes
Jimmy Walker Jalen Rose
Bill Walton Luke Walton • Bill and Luke are the third father-son duo to win NBA Championships as players
Chris Washburn Julian Washburn
Mitchell Wiggins Andrew Wiggins

What father and son played on the same team?

Griffey, Jr. currently ranks sixth all-time in MLB history with 630 home runs, while his dad hit 152. In 1990, the Griffeys became the first father and son duo to play on the same team when they took the outfield together for the Seattle Mariners.

Has there ever been father-son in sports?

As a person said earlier it’s only happened in baseball. Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr. became the first father-and-son combination to play in Major League Baseball at the same time, in 1989 when Ken Jr.

Who was Kobe Bryant dad?

Who has the most sons in the NBA?

Willie Anderson – 9 Children With 7 Women

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Willie Anderson is far from the most famous NBA player, but perhaps that is because he spent most of his time fathering nine children with seven different women.

Who is the most famous father?

Doting Dads: 6 of History’s Finest Fathers

  1. Barack Obama.
  2. Nicholas II, 1861-1918. …
  3. Charles Darwin, 1809-1882. …
  4. Theodore Roosevelt, Sr., 1821-1878. …
  5. Thomas More, 1578-1535. …
  6. Charlemagne, A.D. 742-28. …

Which sport is the father of all sports?

Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (1778 – 1852), who is still considered Germany’s “Father of Gymnastics,” became even more well-known. The major gymnastics event he founded is still being held annually and-with thousands of participants-remains enormously popular.

Has any sports player played with son?

One of his sons, Clay Matthews Jr., was a four-time Pro-Bowl linebacker that spent the bulk of his 19-year career with the Cleveland Browns. Clay Matthews III is a six-time Pro-Bowl Linebacker that won a Super Bowl title with the Green Bay Packers. Matthews Sr.’s other son, Bruce, is a Hall of Fame offensive lineman.

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