Are you allowed to wear glasses in the NBA?

Yes you can play basketball with glasses. … Sometimes when he dunked the glasses would fall off but he just pop them back on. There are no rules stopping an individual wearing glasses when playing basketball however, from a practicality perspective it would be easier to wear basketball goggles rather than glasses.

Why do NBA players wear glasses?

Basketball Sports Goggles Help You To See Clearly

Basketball can be a high-contact sport and result in many different injuries, especially eye injuries. Nowadays there are many different people who rely on contact lenses as a solution to help with vision in life and while playing.

Are players allowed to play with glasses or lenses in basketball?

Practically you can wear your glasses while playing basketball as there is no such rule forbidding it. … Since basketball is a high contact sport, a single wrong move can lead to a serious accident. So wearing your everyday glasses during basketball could increase the risk of an injury and can endanger your eyesight.

Who wore goggles on the Lakers?

As a player, he won four NBA championships while playing power forward for the Lakers. Rambis was a key member of the Showtime era Lakers and was extremely popular for his hard-nosed blue collar play. With his trademark black horned rim glasses, Rambis complemented the flashy Hollywood style of the Showtime era Lakers.

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Do any NBA players wear contacts?

Some probably only wear contacts during the game and glasses after. Some probably put contacts in after they wake up and take them before bed and play a game somewhere in between. One thing to consider is that athletes have to keep a brutal travel and sleep schedule.

Do basketball goggles fog up?

Sports glasses will fog up because they are at a lower temperature than the heat that is being emitted by your face. When the heat from your face hits the glasses, the lower temperatures cause the air to condensate and the moisture turns to a liquid on the glasses.

What sports can you play with glasses?

The majority of sports are fine to wear glasses however. This includes activities such as squash, tennis, cycling and golf. In these sports, the nature of the game allows you to safely wear glasses and enjoy the benefits of corrective eyewear.

Do pro athletes wear contacts?

As it turns out, professional athletes have superior vision beyond just not needing contacts or glasses.

Why did Hakeem wear goggles?

Hakeem has sustained a fractured right orbit, which is the bone that sits around the eye. After nearly two months away from the game of basketball, Olajuwon returned and was sporting goggles. But that stint was short-lived as The Dream felt uncomfortable wearing them.

Why are Lakers wearing goggles?


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