Are the Dunks releasing on Snkrs?

Exclusive Access to the Off-White x Nike Dunk will go out starting on Aug. 9 and will continue to hit SNKRS inboxes over the next few days.

Is Nike restocking dunks?

Nike SNKRS just restocked a series of Dunk High drops as part of their Nike SNKRS Dunk Reserve. Several styles are available via a Draw, with the window open from 11am EST to 11:10 am EST. … Nike SNKRS also restocked several Dunk High and SB Dunk releases as part of their “Second Chance” at 11am EST sharp.

Does Nike SNKRS ever restock?

We don’t have a set schedule to restock items—we refill our inventory as soon as stock is available, so check back frequently for updates.

Is it possible to get shoes on SNKRS?

Yes. Twitter is the easiest way to know the exact moment sneakers drop, but you can also find purchase pages within SNKRS. Just navigate to the “In Stock” tab within SNKRS, select the sneakers you want, and then tap the price to start your purchase.

Is Snkrs first come first serve?

Nike SNKRS does three types of launches: FLOW - the usual first come, first serve type of release. Mostly operates on general release shoes.

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Can you use bots on Snkrs?

Users are encouraged to tune into SNKRS Live sessions as ways that will help them increase their chances of gaining exclusive access. Nike also confirmed that bots will not do anything to help users get greater chances. … It is to be acknowledged that it is not something new for Nike to give its members Exclusive Access.

How often does Foot Locker restock?

Hi Jessica, we restock items daily. If you can provide us with a product number, we would be happy to check to see if the item will be restocking.

What does it mean when Nike says coming soon?


Make sure you sign in to SNKRS before launch time. Once the “COMING SOON” tab changes to the buying tools, select your size and tap “BUY”. Act fast! We’ll reserve the sneakers in your bag for only a brief time, so complete your purchase quickly.

What’s wrong with SNKRS app?

With the shoes dropping on the brand’s infamous SNKRS app, something deplorable was bound to happen. Consumers — or rather, would-be consumers — are complaining of multiple app errors, including failed payment issues, size glitches, and infinite loading screens.

How does buying on SNKRS work?

We use drawings through the SNKRS App and website to give you a chance to reserve some of our most in-demand, limited-edition shoes. To join, you’ll need to be a Nike Member. It also helps to have the SNKRS App with notifications enabled, and to follow @nikestore on Twitter.

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What Jordans will be restocked?

The most popular sneaker rumored to be restocking is the Off-White™ x Nike Air Jordan 5 “Sail,” which dropped in October 2020. Other drops include the fragment design x Nike Air Jordan 3, “Fire Red” Air Jordan 4, “Jubilee” Nike Air Jordan 11, and the self-lacing Nike Air Jordan 11 Adapt.

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