Your question: Who’s the shortest WNBA player?

Who’s the tallest WNBA player?

Lindsay Corine Taylor is an American professional retired female basketball player. She is 6ft 8inch tall and considered one of the tallest women ever came into WNBA. Taylor was born on 20 May 1981.

6. Lindsay Corine Taylor – Height: 6’8”

Height 6’8”
WNBA Team Houston Comets
Status Retired

Who is the female Michael Jordan?

She was the first player to be signed in the WNBA, is a three-time WNBA MVP, and was named one of the league’s Top 15 Players of All Time at the 2011 WNBA All-Star Game.

Sheryl Swoopes.

Personal information
Nationality American
Listed height 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
Listed weight 145 lb (66 kg)
Career information

Who is the hottest NBA player?

The list of the top ten hottest NBA players starts with a young handsome player, Kyle Kuzma. He plays for the Los Angles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

1. Kyle Kuzma.

Age in 2021 25
Height 2.08m
Weight 100kg
Country USA

What killed Margo Dydek?

Is 6ft a good height for basketball?

The average height of a NBA player is 6’7″ ; that is for NBA. So 6′2″ is a good height for you to play basketball. Moreover what position you play is another factor that comes into consideration; if you are tall you are more likely to be a rebounder or incase you have a short height you can be a guard.

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