You asked: What does PF and PA mean in basketball?

In your league standings, you’ll notice that there are columns for Points For (PF) and Points Against (PA). These point totals are only tracked for your league’s regular season.

What does PF mean in basketball?

STL = Steals. BLK = Blocked shots. PF = Personal fouls. PTS = Points scored. +/- = Plus/Minus.

What does PF mean in stats?

PF: personal fouls. MIN: minutes. AST/TO: assist to turnover ratio.

What is PF and PA in football stats?

PF is an acronym in fantasy football that stands for points for, which is the number of points scored by a team. … The acronym is similar to the PA stat which represents the number of points scored against the team by opposing teams throughout the season. The stat commonly appears in the standings overview in a FFL.

What is average points against?

On the standings board, it stands for Points For (the total points the team has scored this season) and Points Against (the total number of points scored against the team this season.

What does PF mean in NBA box score?

%PF. Name Percent of Team’s Personal Fouls Definition The percentage of a team’s personal fouls that a player has while on the court Type Usage Contexts Usage Clutch Tracking Player.

What is 3PM A in basketball?

3PA, 3PM: Three pointers attempted, three pointers made. FTA, FTM: Free throws attempted, free throws made.

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What does PA mean in football stats?

In fantasy football, PA stands for “Points Against”. It is the amount of total points that have been scored against you throughout the fantasy season.

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