Why Kobe Bryant is my hero?

Why is Kobe Bryant my hero?

Kobe Bryant is a hero because he is a selfless and hardworking person. He works to make himself and others better. … Kobe Bryant had this energy about him that whenever you watched him play you would feel as if you were inside the game. Kobe Bryant took it on himself to carry his team to the victory.

Is Kobe Bryant a tragic hero?

Tragic Flaw. Kobe Bryant is undoubtably one of the greatest minds ever in the history of basketball. He makes bold and very questionable decisions most of the time it works in his favor. Kobe’s big flaw was his passion for winning and what he was willing to do to win.

Why is Kobe Bryant a good role model?

Known for his strong work ethic, Bryant was a role model on and off the basketball court. Bryant always made sure to acknowledge his own role models and the people he learned from throughout his life. He also paid it forward as a mentor for countless others.

How was Kobe Bryant so good?

Kobe attributes most of his success to his hard work ethic and his hustle and he is the definition of hard work pays off. Ever since he started playing basketball, he put in the work. … Throughout his entire life, Kobe put in the work that nobody else wanted to.

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