Why can I only control one player in NBA 2K21?

Why is this happening? Check your “Preferred Position” in the in game options menu, and make sure it’s set to “None”. Thank you so much! This was happening with me, you need to go to options, along to controller settings and change ‘Preferred Position’ to none.

Why can I only control one player in NBA 2K20?

I started playing a quick game and now I can only control one player, why is that? Because you triggered player lock. By hitting left trigger, then the icon of the player, then you hitting right trigger. You are locked.

Can you make multiple my players in NBA 2K21?

However, the structure of NBA 2K20’s MyCareer encourages you to build multiple MyPlayers. Creating and upgrading multiple characters still requires you to build VC. Here are some tips for doing it as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can build a VC-producing process if you follow this program.

How do you control the whole team in NBA 2k20?

You’ll want to hold onto it for a while longer, building up the red arrows to the left of the yellow portion. Once that’s full, you can press R3/RS to trigger it. You’ll now be able to take control of the whole team.

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Can you player lock in my league?

Most of this you can’t experience in my league player lock. I agree as someone who only does the offline portion of MyCareer. Whether the story is good or bad and/or only lasts until you get to the NBA, it still adds depth. Hearing commentary specific to your player that you wouldn’t in MyLeague.

How much VC do you need for 85 2K21?

Just bear in mind if you don’t purchase VC separately, it’ll take about 170,000 VC to get your rating from roughly 60 to 85 – and that can be a grind. Research builds and invest your hard-earned currency wisely.

How much VC do you get for a quick game 2K21?

Every time you play, you get a guaranteed 400 VC for completing the game, as well as a bonus 150 VC for winning. Your ranking starts at the freshman level, but if you win enough games, you will earn bonus VC for advancing and will unlock new tiers that feature historic teams.

Why is 2K21 so bad?

and then the park is bad also it is too big everyone plays the same people due to the large amount of players allowed in one neighborhood. also the game went too far on minimizing the skill gap in the game such as making Ante Up only for events. Instead of a place for competitive players to play each other.

Which version of NBA 2K21 should I buy?

If you want to upgrade NBA 2K21 from the current generation to the next generation, you must buy the Mamba Forever Edition. It’s also worth pointing out you can only upgrade to next gen if you stay within the console family (PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 or Xbox one to Xbox Series X).

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