Who plays the most minutes per game in the NBA?

Rank Player MPG
1. Wilt Chamberlain* 45.80
2. Bill Russell* 42.29
3. Oscar Robertson* 42.20
4. Allen Iverson* 41.12

Who plays the most minutes in the NBA 2021?

Julius Randle played the most minutes in 2020-21, with 2,667 minutes on the court.

How many minutes did Michael Jordan play per game?

In regular season, Jordan played 1072 games (38.3 minutes per game) and James has played 1265 games (38.4 minutes per game).

Who leads the NBA in turnovers 2021?

Russell Westbrook committed the most turnovers in 2020-21 with 312 turnovers.

Who leads the NBA in blocks 2021?

Giannis Antetokounmpo has the most blocks per game in the 2021 NBA Finals with 1.5 per game.

Giannis Antetokounmpo 2020-21 1.5
Jae Crowder 2020-21 1.3
Deandre Ayton 2020-21 1.3
Brook Lopez 2020-21 1.0
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