Who is the closest thing to Michael Jordan?

Kobe Bryant is the closest to Michael Jordan we’ll ever see, due largely to one uncanny link in their games.

Who was Michael Jackson best friend?

Michael Jackson was closest friends with Elizabeth Taylor, Shirley Temple, Macaulay Culkin, and Brett Barnes. These were all people who stood by his side during the controversial child molestation allegations against Jackson in 2005.

What does 23 by Michael Jordan smell like?

Top notes are cypress, cognac, grapefruit, cedar needles, Brazilian rosewood, geranium and lemon; middle notes are juniper berries, lavender, fir, green tea, clary sage, cloves and incense; base notes are sandalwood, patchouli and musk.

Why did MJ wear 9?

Due to the numbering of basketball jerseys for the Olympic games, Jordan was unable to wear his normal 23 jersey. The numbering of the Team USA jerseys went from 4-15, Jordan opted to wear the number 9 jersey. Team USA dominated the competition and Michael Jordan left with an Olympic gold medal.

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