Which NBA team won in 2007?

The NBA announced the shortened 72-game regular season would end on May 16. As a result, the 72 games would be played in 145 days, hence, on average, each team would play a game every other night.

Who won the NBA final in 2007?

Who won the NBA Finals in 2007 2008?

Who won NBA in 2009?

Has any NBA team won the finals 4 0?

In 1975, after compiling a 48–34 regular season record, the Golden State Warriors swept the Washington Bullets 4–0 in the 1975 NBA Finals.

Who won the NBA in 2000?

Who won NBA 2006?

Who was 2006 NBA MVP?

Who was the 2005 NBA MVP?

Who won the NBA in 2005?

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