What shoe did Michael Jordan wear for the Monstars vs tune squad game in Space Jam?

Created in 1995, the Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam” sneakers were worn by the NBA legend in the famous final basketball game between the Loony Tunes squad and the alien “Monstars.” With only a handful in existence, this particular pair was made to Jordan’s exact specifications, though they never actually made it onto his …

What shoes does Michael Jordan wear in Space Jam?

Nike designer Tinker Hatfield designed the shoes to prevent Jordan from rolling his ankle when changing direction on the court. They were never produced for retail sale in these colors. Michael Jordan-signed “Space Jam” Air Jordan 11 sneakers.

What shoes do they wear in Space Jam?

More than likely, they are wearing their signature ANTA KT 6 and adidas Dame 6 shoes at the time they filmed their scenes. With that said, here are the notable sneakers rocked in Space Jam 2 (spoilers ahead.)

What number was MJ Space Jam?

B. Jordan being 9 when the original film came out aside, the cameo makes sense when you consider the movie counts Ryan Coogler as a producer, who not only directed the actor in Black Panther but counts him as a close friend.

What sneakers did Bugs Bunny wear in Space Jam?

The 11 wasn’t the only Air Jordan in the movie.

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Bugs Bunny spots the “Shadow” Air Jordan 10 in MJ’s trophy room when he visits his home to retrieve his hoop gear, and Bill Murray wears the Air Jordan 2 in the actual Space Jam game.

What shoes did Charles Barkley wear in Space Jam?

Nike Air Max CB 34 (Black/Club Purple)

As Dan Castellaneta and Patricia Heaton make cameos as snappy on- lookers in the crowd, Charles Barkley gets snuffed for his powers by the Nerdlucks while sporting a pair of Air Max CB 34s in Black/Club Purple.

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