What is the ending of Dunk drama?

The ending scene is heartbreaking where Saira goes to Professor Humayun’s grave, her husband has cleared off from all charges and Haider has made sure that he publishes the court statement on all the social media sites but all this could not bring Professor Humayun back.

What happens in drama dunk?

Dunk drama serial airing at ARY Digital is a thriller serial based on a real incident that happened with a University Professor where he was wrongly accused of sexual harassment by one of his female students.

Is dunk based on a true story?

Storyline: The drama serial Dunk is based on a false harassment allegation that ruined the lives of so many people involved. The tragic incident occurred in Lahore when a lecturer from MAO College took his own life even though he was cleared of the harassment allegations against him.

What is dunk drama?

Dunk, the ARY Digital drama serial based on false accusations of sexual harassment concluded in a double episode finale. … The episode opens with a scene where Amal confesses in front of Haider that she is going to withdraw her case and she will back off and begs him to let her go.

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