What is orange juice NBA 2K17?

Thanks to the new “Orange Juice” meter in MyCareer mode in “NBA 2K17,” it’s a little easier than before to form a dynamic duo with one of your teammates. Specifically, it’s an on-court partnership with Justice Young, a fictional teammate of yours who is taken in the same draft as you.

What 2K has Orange Juice?

Orange Juice is a nickname for the duo of Pres and Justice Young, as well as a gameplay mechanic in NBA 2K17’s MyCAREER mode.

Who was the main character in 2K17?

Creed star Michael B. Jordan and legendary basketball player Michael Jordan now share more than a name: the actor entered the court (digitally) for the new NBA 2K17 video game. Publisher 2K Games revealed on Friday that Jordan will feature as Justice Young in the MyCareer storyline.

What was the nickname in 2K17?

The MyPLAYER characters were greatly expanded and given nicknames in NBA 2K16 and NBA 2K17, namely Frequency Vibrations and Pres respectively.

What happened to Denver 2K17?

NBA 2K17. Denver joins the team you were initially drafted to immediately after the NBA draft. … Eventually, Levins will be dropped from the team and will go back down to the D-League. After the trade talks for Justice are over, Levins eventually comes back onto the team on a 10 day contract.

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Who plays Shammy Wells 2K18?

Jordan likewise soloed as player-character Justice Young in NBA 2K17; and teammates returned to cutscene dialogue in NBA 2K18 with the actor Cameron Bedford as Shammy Wells.

Does NBA 2K17 have a story mode?

NBA 2K17’s MyCareer mode tells the story of your career starting after high school, and so we open on a chat with my old coach, who doesn’t mind at all that I look like Paul Giamatti found a Zoltar Speaks machine and wished to be big.

Who is the voice of Pres in NBA 2K17?


The President of Basketball
Number User Defined
Family/Friends Mom Dad (deceased) Justice Young Denver Levins Coach Falls Coach Brubaker Xavier Cross Bruce Pepper Tiffany Rasberry Alanah Turner
Actor Sullivan Jones
Games NBA 2K17
Playing basketball