What college Michael Jordan went to?

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What colleges recruited Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan Went To North Carolina Because UCLA And Virginia Were Lazy. Andrew Wiggins will soon make the decision on where he will take his talents for his freshman year of college to play basketball, take classes with 200+ people and have regular interactions with college-aged women.

Did Michael Jordan go to college on a scholarship?

Basketball superstar Michael Jordan (born 1963) was one of the most successful, popular, and wealthy athletes in college, Olympic, and professional sports history. … After high school he accepted a basketball scholarship to the University of North Carolina where he played under head coach Dean Smith.

What was Michael Jordan’s grades?

Michael’s GPA was a 4.5. His six championships pit him behind a plethora of NBA legends: John Havlicek, Bob Cousy, and K.C. Jones, among others.

How many kids has Michael Jordan sent to college?

Michael Jordan’s “Jordan Brand Wings Scholars Program” has sent over 200 kids to college on full-ride scholarships since 2015.

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