Question: How can I get better at NBA Mobile?

How do you level up fast in NBA Live Mobile?

Advance in NBA Live Mobile by playing Live Events, Head to Head, and Season Games. Complete a match in one of these modes to earn XP. Level up when you pass through XP thresholds.

How do you fake shot in NBA Live?

Pump-faking can be done by tapping the shoot button without holding it down for any length of time. If you pump-fake prior to dribbling, you are then able to move around after the pump-fake, but if you pump-fake after you’ve already been dribbling, you’ll no longer be able to move as the game won’t let you travel.

How do I change my lineup in NBA Live Mobile 2021?

How do I change my whole team?

  1. Tap Settings (three vertical dots) in Live Events, Head to Head, Season, or Leagues sections.
  2. Tap Edit next to Change Team.
  3. Tap Select under the team you want to play as.

How do you train players in NBA Live Mobile 2021?

Training is initiated through the My Team menu. You’ll be presented with the 5 starters and 5 bench players that make up your NBA and Classic lineups. Tapping on any gold or elite player from this screen will take you to their player page. Tapping “Train Player” will then take you to the player training screen.

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