Is basketball allowed in MCO?

Can you play basketball at MCO?

No physical contact sports now allowed in MCO 3.0 areas.

Can we play sports during MCO?

With the implementation full lockdown under the third movement control order 3.0 (MCO) from June 1 to 14, restrictions have been placed not only on work travel but also recreational activities. For now, only jogging and non-contact sports that are done alone is permitted in open areas, while cycling is not allowed.

Can you play MCO 2.0 basketball?

Self training for football, basketball, hockey, and sepak takraw, are allowed.

Can you play basketball during Cmco?

Sports Activities, Including Games & Matches Now Allowed In CMCO & RMCO Areas. Sports and recreational activities for health, fitness and training purposes, as well as games or matches, are now allowed in areas under the conditional MCO (CMCO) and recovery MCO (RMCO) areas.

Are picnics allowed during MCO?

During Annuar Musa’s live Facebook press conference earlier today, he says although parks are allowed to re-open, no group activities will be tolerated. This includes aerobics and picnics, however, individual activities like jogging and cycling is permitted.

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Is hiking allowed during MCO 2021?

Individual, non-contact sports and recreational activities with physical distancing is allowed in outdoor areas from 6AM – 10PM. This includes activities such as jogging, exercise, taichi, cycling, skateboarding, fishing, hiking, golfing, and more. Camping and picnics are allowed with strict compliance to the SOP.

What activity can do during MCO?

On days when you’re in need of some self-care, take your mind off your worries by engaging in therapeutic activities or tasks that calm you down, may it be heading out to do some casual grocery shopping, going for a walk as the sun is setting, cooking your favourite meal, listening to calming music, painting, or even …

Can we stay in hotel during MCO?

The Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry (Motac) had earlier announced that hotels are allowed to operate during the lockdown period, but only for quarantine, isolation and necessary work.

Can we travel during MCO?

Similar to measures during the initial MCO in March last year, inter-state and inter-district travelling is banned nationwide. … As per the first MCO, interstate or inter-district travel for long-distance married couples will not be allowed to travel during phase one of the “full lockdown”.

What sports are allowed during CMCO?

During the CMCO phase, all forms of individual and team sporting and recreational activities will be permitted for health, fitness, training and match purposes. Similarly, the organisation of domestic championships or competitions is approved by the ministry using the Sports Bubble model.

Is training allowed during CMCO?

Also not allowed during the CMCO period are seminars, workshops, conferences and exhibitions. “Exception is for in-service training provided that it is being conducted only within the area of the training institutions,” the SOP said.

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Can I sport during CMCO?

Food delivery services will be allowed to operate from 6am till midnight during the CMCO period in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Putrajaya. Besides that, non-contact outdoor sports, with a maximum of 10 people are allowed, but gyms, swimming pools, and sports with physical contact are not allowed.

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