How do you get unlimited SP in NBA 2K13?

How do you get unlimited SP on 2K13?

NBA 2K13 – MyPlayer Unlimited Skill Points

  1. Download Cheat Engine.
  2. Open NBA 2K13.
  3. Go to MyCareer > Player Upgrades > Attributes.
  4. Write down your current total skill points (SP) located at bottom right corner of the screen.
  5. Minimize NBA 2K13. …
  6. Open Cheat Engine and select nba2k13.exe on the process list.

How do you get dynamic goals in NBA 2K13?

Occasionally, you’ll have instant challenges during a game called Dynamic Goals. They can be as simple as making your next two shots, or as difficult as scoring once, rebounding once, getting one assist, and blocking/stealing once before you are subbed out.

How do you check the dynamic goal 2k20?

Go to the home screen, select the panel on the bottom right with the daily goals on it. Click on it, then you’ll get a screen with daily, weekly, monthly, and dynamic goals.

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