Has Michael Jordan ever got blocked?

Whenever he did, he came back and beat the team/player worse than they beat him. However, in a pickup game during his career, Jordan once saw a high school sophomore block his shot.

How many times did Michael Jordan get blocked?

Jordan holds the all-time record for the most blocked shots ever by a guard with 893!

Has Michael Jordan ever been blocked?

Michael Jordan Hasn’t Lost a Step. It’s strange to believe, but one of the best moments in Jordan’s career came as a member of the Washington Wizards. As Jordan got blocked on the offensive end in a close game with the Chicago Bulls, he raced down court trailing Ron Mercer the entire way.

Who blocked Jordan 4 times?

Michael Jordan shot blocked 4 times by Reggie Lewis in 1 game #shorts #michaeljordan #reggielewis #nbatrivia #nba #nbashorts #michaeljordanshorts.

Who was the first person to block Michael Jordan?

For further evidence of what might have been, you need look no further than March 31, 1991, when Reggie Lewis did something I never thought possible: He completely and utterly flummoxed the great Michael Jordan. Lewis blocked Jordan four times in that game and harassed him into a 12-for-36 shooting performance.

How many times has LeBron blocked?

LeBron James has 982 blocks in his career.

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Has Michael Jordan airball a free throw?

He averaged 30.1 points per game for his career, making 6.8 out of 8.2 free-throw attempts per game. A slighter free-throw ability could have made him a 27-, 28- or 29-point-per-game scorer.

Who dunked on LeBron James?

LeBron James is an athletic phenomenon. But Jordan Crawford once dunked all over him so bad that Nike pulled all footage of that incident. Back in 2009, LeBron James was already considered to be a top-2 basketball player in the world.

Did Kobe beat Jordan?

Bryant went on to become a five-time NBA champion over his 20 seasons with the Lakers, one title short of Jordan. Bryant edged out Jordan on career points with 33,643, while Jordan had 32,292. After Bryant died in a helicopter crash on Jan.

Does Michael Jordan read?

Or Scottie Pippen, for that matter. In his personal notes of the 1997-98 season, this is how he describes his thinking process while selecting books to gift: … “Michael and Scottie were easy, because they don’t read.

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