Frequent question: How old is basketball player PJ Tucker?

How many kids does P.J. Tucker have?

Married Life with P.J. Tucker

Nothing much about their first meeting instance is shared in public. Tracey and Anthony are the proud parents of three children King, Zoe, and Aaliyah.

Who is P.J. Tucker’s wife?

Where is PJ Tucker now?

Who is Giannis girlfriend?

How much does PJ Washington make?

He’s making 4.75 percent more than in 2020/21. He was the 236th best-paid NBA player last year.

Salary: $4,215,120.

Season Team Salary
2019/20 Charlotte Hornets $3,831,840 ($3,856,583*)
Total $7,855,440 ($7,880,183*)
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