Does Sanaa Lathan really play basketball?

But no, as she told CBS, she had never played basketball before she got the role. … Lathan said that the director would audition real basketball players and give them acting coaches, but none were good enough. Despite getting sidelined by the director, she kept auditioning.

Is Love and Basketball Based on a true story?

“Love & Basketball” is a true epic, the story of the love between Monica (Sanaa Lathan) and Quincy (Omar Epps), which begins when Monica’s family moves in next door to Quincy’s when the two are 11. Both are prodigiously talented basketball players, but Quincy’s prospects are brighter than Monica’s.

What does double or nothing mean in the movie Love and Basketball?

You could tell from Monica’s eyes that she was devastated because she realized that she just lost the love of her life. However, as she began to walk away from Quincy, he said double or nothing. That was his way of telling Monica that he still loved her and still wanted to be with her.

Do they end up together in love and basketball?

Quincy agrees and wins, but can no longer be apart from Monica and chooses her instead. By 1998, Monica is playing in the new WNBA (as part of the Los Angeles Sparks) with her husband Quincy and their toddler daughter cheering.

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Was Keisha Epps in total?

Not pictured: Keisha Spivey Epps. Plainfield, New Jersey, U.S. Total is an American R&B girl group originally from the Plainfield, New Jersey, United States, and one of the signature acts of Sean Combs’ Bad Boy Records imprint during the 1990s. The group consisted of members Kima Raynor, Keisha Spivey, and Pamela Long.

Does Monica get recruited?

There’s only one game left in the season, and—unlike Quincy (Omar Epps), who has his choice of colleges to play for—Monica hasn’t been recruited yet. But her vision of herself as a ball player holds strong.

What does double or nothing mean in a relationship?

Double or nothing essentially means you’ll do the exact same wager (of $1) and you’ll either win, meaning you walk away with $2 (double of what you originally won), or you’ll lose and you’ll walk away with nothing (because you just won the $1 and then turned around and lost it). GrundleSlayer. 6y.

What are the rules of double or nothing?

Definition of double or nothing. : with the result that a gambler either wins two times as much money as he or she has already won or loses all of the money I won $20 on the first game but lost it on the second game going double or nothing.

Why is Sanaa Lathan not married?

Lathan also declared that she chose herself first and did not even need a husband to be fulfilled. She took a stance against the traditional stance of the women-only win when they are chosen by a man. She also added that the divorce rate was a big factor in her not being interested in marriage.

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Who has Sanaa Lathan dated?

This list of Sanaa Lathan’s boyfriends and rumored exes includes Tyrese Gibson, Omar Epps, French Montana, and Denzel Washington.

Sanaa Lathan Loves and Hookups

  • French Montana. …
  • Steve Rifkind. …
  • Tyrese Gibson. …
  • Adewale Ogunleye. …
  • Terrell Owens. …
  • Omar Epps. …
  • Boris Kodjoe. …
  • Denzel Washington.
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