Did Kobe Bryant ever live in Italy?

Kobe Bryant spent the better part of his childhood in Italy, and was fluent in Italian. From ages 6 to 13, Kobe lived with his father, Joe Bryant, who played for several basketball teams in the country, The Washington Post reports.

When did Kobe move to Italy from USA?

When Kobe was six years old, his family moved to Italy so that his father could continue playing basketball. While there, Kobe learned how to speak fluent Italian. Several years later, when Kobe was 13, the family moved back to the USA.

Why did Kobe’s family move to Italy?

Bryant moved to Italy with his family in 1984, when he was 6 years old. He started out playing for a kids’ Minibasket team, the Italian name for kid-basketball. The rims were shorter and the court was smaller, Bryant told the online basketball publication SLAM just last September.

Who was Kobe Bryant’s wife?

Where was Kobe Bryant buried?

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