Best answer: Did Michael Jordan ever play a bad game?

The worst night occurred when Jordan registered the worst single-game shooting performance of his career, going 1-of-9 for just two points on Dec. 15, 2002, against the Toronto Raptors.

Did Jordan have bad games?

Jordan had the worst shooting night of his Bulls career, going just 2-for-17 from the field.… Jordan had the worst shooting night of his Bulls career, going just 2-for-17 from the field. Jordan was able to get to 14 points by going 10-of-11 from the line in a Bulls win over an eight-win Warriors squad.

Did MJ ever have a bad playoff game?

4 Jordan worst – Any loss in the Finals for Jordan was a bad game to him. In game five in 1998 vs. Utah, Jordan ‘only’ had 28 points in 45 minutes of play and the team lost. He shot an abysmal 9 of 26 from the field and the Bulls just looked lost.

What was MJ lowest scoring game?

Michael Jordan had his fewest points in a game on December 15, 2002 and on April 2, 2002, with 2 points.

Did MJ ever play against the Bulls?

He remained a member of the Bulls for the 1998-99 season, but was released midway through the year. After two years with the Pistons, he was traded to the Phoenix Suns and then to the Orlando Magic. Jordan scored 15 points in their first matchup, but shot just 6-of-19 in his 33 minutes on the floor.

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Did Michael Jordan ever score 0 points?

When scouring Michael Jordan’s statistics for some of his rare off nights, the one that likely jumps out to most came on March 22, 1986. That night, the Chicago Bulls played the Cleveland Cavaliers and Jordan had the lowest point total of his career. He finished with eight points on 4-for-13 shooting.

Who scored the most against Jordan?

Dominique Wilkins has posted the most points in a game versus Michael Jordan, with 57 points on December 10, 1986.

How many times has LeBron scored less than 10 points?

LeBron James has played in 8 games with fewer than 10 points.

What was Michael Jordan’s worst season?

Michael Jordan worst season

Michael Jordan 1984-85 3,144
Michael Jordan 1985-86 451
Michael Jordan 1986-87 3,281
Michael Jordan 1987-88 3,311

How many times did Michael Jordan scored less than 10 points?

Michael Jordan played 13 games with fewer than 10 points in his career.

What year did MJ lose to the Magic?

The 1994–95 NBA season was the Bulls’ 29th season in the National Basketball Association.

1994–95 Chicago Bulls season
Record 47–35 (.573)
Place Division: 3rd (Central) Conference: 5th (Eastern)
Playoff finish Conference Semifinals (Lost to Magic 2–4)
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